Every new account automatically gets a full and unlimited 14 day free trial. We encourage you to use this to get familiar with our 'easy to use' system. Beyond that, here's some most commonly asked questions.

Is the free trial, really free?

Yes it is. There’s no contract to sign or payment to make.
We’re so confident that our service will make a real difference to your business, that we’re quite happy for you to ‘road test’ it first – without obligation. Each office can create as many video tours as required during the 14 day trial, at no charge.
After your trial, we’ll ask if you wish to continue using the service. At this point, you must subscribe to a monthly payment plan to continue. You’ll then be able to create new property videos. 

Are there any set up costs?

No, none whatsoever.
There is no software to download either, no time consuming set up procedure and importantly, no alterations needed to your current website.
Going forward, we also have a transparent and simple pricing structure. To get started, just sign in, and start creating stunning video presentations with professional voiceover, in minutes.

We do have some optional extras which can really help to attract new business, but you don't need to purchase anything additional to get started.

Do we need staff training?

Training? Not really. Our online system is very simple to use. And of course everyone  has a 14 day initial trial to get up to speed. Generally, a video will take no more than a few minutes to order and it really is that easy! But if you do need help, we’re here if you need us. Just email or call.

Where can we put our tours?

Anywhere. On agency sites & portals.  Social media. Simply copy and paste the url link to your video wherever you want it. 

Will my tours play across all devices?

Yes they will. With so many house hunters now viewing property on mobiles & tablets, we’ve made sure that your tours will be seen on any device. 

Can we create Lettings videos?

Yes you can. Whilst our systems are primarily set up to provide videotours for sales instructions, videos for lettings can be done. We do not charge a separate subscription for your lettings business, unless you require a separate login and contact details for your lettings operation. A separate account may then be suitable and will be offered at a reduced rate p.m. Otherwise, any lettings videos created will be treated as sales video for billing purposes. 

We need a 'bespoke' video?

Our system will cater for most agents’ needs within our basic subscription packages - from studio flats up to and including 5 bed detached homes. For larger property (6+ beds), commercial, investment, development land, the quirky or unusual (think houseboats, converted mills etc), we charge an additional fee. You can select this option from within the system.

What happens if we want to cancel?

At the end of your free trial, if you don’t want to maintain the service, you simply walk away with no charge and your account will be closed. If you have already signed up to a subscription, please contact us to cease your account.